Bloggers Review Jessica Valenti's "Full Frontal Feminism"

Full Frontal Feminism book coverJessica Valenti's book, Full Frontal Feminism, has just been published. I'm not so interested in what professional reviewers are saying about it; I'm interested in what bloggers are saying about it.

DakotaWomen is flattered to be mentioned in Full Frontal Feminism and writes, "Even though I'm no longer anywhere near my 20s, I have found it a very interesting and entertaining read."

Transatlanticism has a mixed review:

"…the book is full of useful information that you can give to people who didn't already know it (I'm preaching to the choir here, I know) but it doesn't really provide a new way to approach feminism for young women. The author would accurately be described as second wave, I suppose, but she eschews those labels in the book, simplying the message to 'equality now!' which is alright by me because even I find the labels confusing and counterproductive."

Another blogger "couldn't even make it through the first couple of chapters." Find out why at Ornithology for Beginners.

Hugo Schwyzer calls it "a quick, easy read" and is so enthusiastic he's adding it to his course syllabus.

Shrapnel420 says "this lady should be worshipped" and has an excerpt from Full Frontal Feminism.

Ama Lee of Feminist Review wasn't so impressed, and sees it as marketing-over-substance:

"If you're truly looking to find out why feminism matters, you'd be better served to flip to the booklist in the back of Full Frontal Feminism and read some of the titles listed there – including Colonize This!, Listen Up: Voices from the Next Generation, To Be Real, and The Fire This Time – because cool packaging is really great, but if there's nothing of substance inside then what you are selling is just the packaging."

Easy, breezy feminism

Full Frontal Feminism has prompted discussion about the quality and tenor of the site itself. There's an interesting debate in the comment thread to "More on Faux Feminism…" at Marginal Notes.

The discussion swings back and forth; one commenter can't fault Valenti for taking a populist approach, while the blog author calls it "easy, breezy feminism".

Full Frontal Feminism is an example of crossover between bloggers and the publishing industry. Feminism has always been a hard sell to the publishing world, but Valenti's writings at means she already has a built-in audience of buyers.

We already know blog-style writing, and even previous blog posts, can be bundled into saleable books -- but can they be bundled into profitable books?

Time will tell.

More for your feminist bookshelf

In addition to Full Frontal Feminism, here are a few more books you might be interested in.

Melinda Casino also writes at Sour Duck.


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