Hi, i'm Cindy Huber and i'm looking for a job

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Hi, i'm new to BlogHer having recently discovered it's existence from a famous (or infamous--your choice) blogger by the name of Jen Lancaster...i accidently discovered her book one night while i was waiting for my pre-teen to buy another of her anime-crap books when i saw a book entitled "Bitter is the New Black"...and this looked like something i would enjoy because...i am bitter and i was hoping to find a self-help book that would recommend what to wear with my new attitude...

Long story short, i got hooked and then went to Jen's blog Jennsylvania which is where i discovered BlogHer...which is so cool because now, instead of looking for a new job i'm online reading everyone's blogs...i mean, it's not like Starbucks is going to NOT need new barrista's tomorrow, right...i'm not going down to Starbucks tomorrow to find that every single Starbucks in Milwaukee is full of employees and will not accept another application; especially from one who is as nice and sweet like me and always leaves an extra quarter in the tip jar after i pay for my triple grande mocha with extra whip...which, i haven't been able to order as much as i use to now with my unemployment running out...and honestly, i'm terrified that i'm going to GET the Starbucks job and it's going to turn out that I SUCK! That's right, i'm going to be the person that i HATE...the person who botches up my order with NO WHIP or accidently leaves out a shot of expresso or uses skim instead of whole milk on my mocha...the person who i look directly into their eyes and go..."don't you realize how much i'm paying for this cup of coffee and YOU JUST RUINED IT FOR ME?!"

Three years ago i was an award winning number one (25-54 women demos) midday jock in Milwaukee...then some new boss flew in from Denver and said "you don't have the sound we're looking for"...and so today i'm trying to decide if i want the job with free coffee or the one with free donuts...at least i have karma working for me...the boss who didn't like my sound...he eventually got canned and had to take a job in South Dakota...hey, didn't they have tornados last weekend?

A girl can dream... : )



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