Virtual Espresso Machine?

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Lisa's at the virtual water cooler and I applaud her for her commitment to better health by choosing water over coffee or the dreaded soda but it's just not for me. I need coffee. Without coffee there is no life. So here I am, at the virtual espresso machine wondering if TW staying home from work today means we won't be making a trip to Starbucks.

Since this is an introduce yourself spot, which I think is an awesome idea, I guess I should get on with that...

I'm 43. I live in Florida. With my s/o (who is sick, did I mention that?). And with 5 of our 6 children. And another child who is not ours but lives here most of the time. We have 2 dogs that I wish we didn't have except first thing in the morning when I watch the old girl struggle to find her legs and then I feel sad because soon she'll no longer be with us. We have 4 cats that I wish we didn't have and would not be sorry if they were no longer with us. 1 hermit crab who never gets fed so I don't know how he survives. 3 turtles who do get fed and are threatening to take over the living room because apparently those tiny painted turtles and map turtles that start out as big as quarters end up being as big as basketballs - who knew???

I have a job that I love even though it means I spend almost all day thinking about diet and exercise. The diet part is most troubling because I don't really like food very much.

I homeschool/school at home (there's a difference between the two and I actually do them both) the child who will be 16 years old tomorrow.

Did I mention I really love coffee? And need coffee in order to survive? I did? OK well I'm going to go make another pot because I don't think the normal morning Starbucks run is happening today. (Did I mention TW is sick?)

Nice to meet you - please join me at the espresso machine for a chat. There are plenty of beans to enjoy.