The 10,000 Step Saga Continues

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Remember how I told you that I was doing the 10,000 step thing to try to lose some weight before BlogHer '07?

Yeah, that is tough when you keep forgetting/breaking/losing your pedometer.

Why can't I focus? I am currently on my fifth, yes fifth, pedometer. The first one never worked in the first place. I lost the second one the first day I had it. I lost the third one the second day I had it.

I got a little bit smarter and spent a whopping $14.95 on my fourth pedometer. It lasted almost a month. Then it just stopped working. Well, maybe I dropped it once or twice, and once I caught my two year old running around with it, but it just stopped counting accurately one day and by that evening it stopped working alltogether.


Today I forgot to wear my new one, a sleeker, smaller model that keeps falling off.

All this being said, I am not giving up. I walk more and move more when I am wearing a pedometer. I eat less when I am wearing one too. I think it is just enough of a reminder.

I don't know how well I am doing. I think I was down almost two pounds this morning. Then I went and ate at McDonalds for lunch. Tomorrow I am back on the wagon.

I hit my number about 5 days a week, then again, I chase my twins around all day.

Is anyone else doing the 10,000 steps? How are you doing?

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