Drumroll Please: BlogHer '07 Preliminary Conference Schedule Now Online!

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I am thrilled to announce that we have published our preliminary conference schedule for BlogHer '07, this July 27-29 in Chicago, IL. (Register here.)

Find the schedule for Day One, Friday July 27th, here.

Find the schedule for Day Two, Saturday July 28th, here

Sunday July 29th will be the BlogHer OpenSpace, our inaugural such event, facilitated by Kaliya Hamlin. If you don't see the panel you most want to attend on this schedule, then we hope you come to the BlogHer OpenSpace and lead that panel!

Note: There are still open slots, including at least a couple of sessions that are still to be defined, and some speaker slots that are still to be filled. That means if you submitted an idea, or yourself as a speaker, you will still hear from me, either way, within the next couple of weeks. We received literally hundreds of submissions, and still have some tough choices to make.

Check out the daily schedules and see some familiar faces, such as Elise Bauer, Susie Bright, Barb Dybwad and Grace Davis. But please also check out the far greater number of new voices we'll be bringing to BlogHer '07, including Christine Kane, Wendy McClure, Liz Strauss, Green L.A. Girl, Shuna Fish Lydon, Kathy Cano Murillo and Valencia Roner. Esther Dyson will also join BlogHer for the first time as part of a Day Two morning keynote session.

Those and many more names (and links) are available at the schedule links above.

A few notes about the schedule:

  • Rather than a grid format, the schedule is laid out in a linear fashion. Please note the liberal use of anchor links to direct you to more detailed descriptions of every session
  • The tracks are there to provide general guidance only. You are not obligated to attend all of any single track. You may track-hop to your heart's content!
  • Unlike previous years, we do not have a separate Room of Your Own track of sessions. Instead, you'll see Room of Your Own sessions integrated into every track.
  • Finally, thanks to our conference track co-chairs, once again, for helping us wade through the incredible number of creative and diverse proposals, ideas and speaker recommendations:

    Art of Life Track Co-chairs: Kalyn Denny and Jenny Lauck
    Business of You Track Co-chairs: Jan Kabili and Lena West
    Community Track Co-chair: Nancy White
    Identity Track Co-chairs: Jory Des Jardins and Liz Henry
    Politics Track Co-chairs: Morra Aarons-Mele and Lisa Stone
    Technical Track Co-chairs: Barb Dybwad and Nelly Yusupova

    We're looking forward to hearing what you think!


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