More on Jessica Valenti's book, "Full Frontal Feminism"

A couple of weeks ago, I published a collection of bloggers' reviews of Jessica Valenti's book, Full Frontal Feminism. Well, the conversation has moved on a bit since then, with women of color (WOC) feminist bloggers offering their thoughts on Full Frontal Feminism.

These two posts are a good starting point:

Additionally, Jill at team-blog Feministe has written a response to the criticisms of Full Frontal Feminism. The comment thread is pretty interesting. (Hat-tip to The Silence of Our Friends, who offers more links along with her perspective.)

Whether it's a book or a blog post, when you put your work in the public sphere you can expect criticism. Don't take it personally. In a way, it's a good sign: at least people care enough to engage with the work.

Melinda Casino also writes at Sour Duck.


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