The First Carnival for Radical Action

Happy Memorial Day. Here are some links for your reading pleasure: two carnivals, and two blog posts criticizing mainstream media.

The First Carnival for Radical Action is hot off the press at The Anti-Essentialist Conundrum. This carnival contains lots of strategizing about how to organize at the grassroots level. The May issue of The Erase Racism Carnival is hosted at The Angry Black Woman. Both hosts have done smashing jobs on these carnivals, so drop by and leave a comment if you appreciate their work.

Misleading reports by the mainstream media about birth control get The Well-Timed Period blogging in Lybrel Approved.

And The Crone Speaks responds to a New York Times article about the women of Algiers. See her post, Desire and Opportunity.

Melinda Casino also writes at Sour Duck.