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“Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!”
-Bill Brandt

The photo aspect of my own blog has not evolved as rapidly as I’d hoped. Instead, it creeps along at a glacial pace while my middle-aged brain tries to grasp the expanse of what I don’t know, which could fit on a 2-gig card. Meanwhile, here are some bloggers who inspire:

A friend had passed Confessions of a Pioneer Woman along to me since I covet all things cowboy-esque and it instantly became a favorite. Raised in LA, Ree now lives with her husband, Marlboro Man, and raises four children on a cattle ranch. Her writing is beyond funny and she exhibits some of the best daily life photography I’ve seen on the web. Her two side column links say it all: “About Me” and “About My Camera.” Also, her "Give That Photo A Name" contests are great fun and she gives away fun prizes, mostly items from her daily life.

Carrie Musgrave is an exceptional photographer and blogger who specializes in “the human social interactions” of live music and events. Her music performance shots are inspiring – you can almost smell the sweat and feel the violent sway of the mosh pit on her site LiveBabyLive.

If that’s not enough, you can also check out her photo blog, Delineated. A warning: If you’ve got a day or so to spare, I recommend perusing the archives. There might be one flower shot in the whole bunch – mostly scruffy urbanites and random bits of city life. These gems stretch back to July 2004 – that’s nearly three years of brilliant photos to digest so best hurry and get started.

Finally, Kathleen Connally, inspired by the beauty of her own community, began a photo blog project in 2003 called A Walk Through Durham Township, Pennsylvania to the delight of many. Unless otherwise noted, each breathtaking shot of residents, visitors, plants, animals, structures, landscape and farm life is taken within 10 miles of her home with several updates a week. Each shot offers complete photo info, details on the equipment and processing, even what she was thinking at click time.

One fan asked where one of the gorgeous road shots was taken and Kathleen admits she has no idea. “Maybe Canon will build a GPS accessory?” she responded. Not a bad idea. So many of us bring the camera along for travel but forget that the most accessible beauty is the one we see every day – our home. As a result, I’ve re-launched the habit of taking my hunky Canon with me - it's become a crucial accessory.


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