Gambits from Gail

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A gambit is a conversation starter—throw something out into the blogosphere and get people to respond, or at least think. My posts are varied, but my four most frequent labels are a telling description of my writing topics:

  • Coastal Cravings: I live on the west coast and am drawn to the ocean. You'll get the local picture of my small, surf-crazy town.
  • Fun: This is something fun I did. Maybe you'll do it too if I share it with you.
  • Ponder Points: These are topics that I'm thinking about and, by God, I want to get these thoughts outta my head and off my chest.
  • Travel: I love it when people share their "Off the Beaten Path" adventures with me, so I'm returning the favor.

Lovely lavender blooms in my window

Finally, I like to use photos for a bit of eye candy. I hope you visit me here.


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