The Word of the Day....

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According to Blogher's very own gipsy, the word of the day is "dammit" and we all ought to be using it. I think she's right because I have been suffering with migraine madness all day and it's not letting up.

Gipsy, on the otherhand, has quit smoking and that is what has caused her wee bit of cursing. While she's cursing the day and the craving, I'm applauding her efforts. She's doing something I have not yet been able to do. She's quitting.

I keep talking about doing it, but never quite manage it. It's HARD! When she says...

Every time I get in the car, every time I finish eating a meal, every time I want to have a beer, I think about having a cigarette.

I understand. (not the beer part, but the rest of it) It's hard but gipsy can do it and I can do it too. I just have to DO IT, right?



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