Ovarian Cancer

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Coretta Scott King was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and it appears she was considering alternative treatment for it when she died.


Louise, from Bomb in my Belly was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer almost 3 years ago. I have read about 30 of her blog entries and the most recent one, the one from just a couple of weeks ago, is the one that has stuck with me:

So here I am, three years after the preview diagnosis of cancer (the real diagnosis wouldn't come until March 6th when I had my hysterectomy and debulking) and I don't really know anything more about how to deal with all this than I did in the beginning. I don't really know what I feel anymore. I've reached this period of apathy. Possibly dangerous apathy, but who knows.


And then I found Xristi who has a lot on her mind...

So here I am, 71, growing a bit wheezy of breath (my fault; I continue to smoke), a bit more musical about the joints than formerly (my knees are a percussion group unto themselves), and a bit less patient with everything. I bore the first bout of ovarian cancer - the chemo, the surgery, the recuperative period - with, for me, admirable good humor and patience. But the disease has returned for a second performance, and I find it's made me a bit testy. The mere fact of it. I can't claim I suffer much from the chemo or other indignities and invasions to which my body is now regularly subjected. It's only that I thought the matter was settled first time round (like Roe v. Wade, civil rights, etc.). Its recurrence has given me pause. At my age and with this disease, one can't help asking, "Is it worth the effort?"

Is it worth the effort?

The Blog That Ate Manhattan talks about ovarian screening. She has a suggestion:

Go on birth control pills. As little as 3 months of use imparts protection, and long term users can expect up to an 80% reduction in risk. Now that's something to write about.

Something to write about.



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