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National Transportation Safety Board officials are in San Diego today after a small plane and helicopter collided over a residential area, killing three people. BlogHer member Wendy McHenry was in the park when the collision occurred. McHenry says she immediately went home to blog about the incident. "The community is very strange today, everyone is so visibly shaken. I heard on the news a few minutes ago the actual explosion was indeed, directly over our heads, right above the dog park."

"My husband is still screaming, 'RUN! RUN!' and he's trying to pull me up and when he realizes I'm hurt, he jumps on top of me in a desperate attempt to shield me. I'm screaming, 'What happened? What happened?' And no one will tell me. I looked and saw black smoke. From the parking lot. I hear people saying, 'Diesel' and 'Explode' and 'Cars on fire.'"

The New York Times reports the European Commission is defending its current practices on screening genetically altered foods. This comes in the wake of a report from the World Trade Organization that criticized its past action in restricting the entry of modified products into the European Union. NursePam is reminding both sides that children are starving. "Biotechnology is not all bad and it's not all good. So what is? When are y'all gonna quit arguing and figure out how to feed the children?"

President Bush and his Polish counterpart, Lech Kaczynski, met at the White House today for talks on a broad range of subjects, including Iraq. Bush used the opportunity to thank Poland for its commitment to the war.
Baghdad Burning is featured today over at Global Voices Online. Salam Adil says the election post is a must read. "Riverbend keeps her wit sharp. She posts her opinions on the elections and relates a vivid image of the current Iraqi prime minister."

The Super Bowl is over and thousands of visitors have left Detroit, Michigan. Stranded in Suburbia's Laurie wonders what happens to Detroit now. "I love the city that I was born in, yet at the same time I am angry - the city that was presented to the media, to the tourists, was a facade. The city spent a whole lot of money to tear down unsightly abandoned buildings in the downtown area, while citizens in the outskirts wait months to have an abandoned house that is attracting rats and drug addicts to be torn down; their pleas and complaints to city hall go unheard."

Amy and Tara at Everybody Seems to be Kerbabbled are calling Detroit "New Orleans." "If you ask me, without the assistance of our government, Detroit will become the next New Orleans - only without the aid of a natural disaster. Detroit's disaster will be completely and utterly man-made. It goes beyond the proof that more and more Americans are buying foreign automobiles. Data backs up that fact, and I'm well aware of the problems GM, Ford, and Chrysler face in the coming years. My theory doesn't involve the industry's need to re-vamp their product line in order to produce more fuel-efficient, simplistic, and well-built vehicles. No, instead, my theory is deeply more political, and more personally and culturally insulting."

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