"I'm not a feminist, but..." F-that!!

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Did you know more American women identify as feminists than as evangelicals? Even still, the majority of us (check out the stats- usually about 1 in 4 of US women) would rather say we're lepers than that we're feminists. And no wonder, since it's widely accepted the women's movement as we know it is a mess and stuck in the past, with the exception of some bright new online sparks like Jessica Valenti at Feministing, Echidne of the Snakes and BlogHer's own Suzanne Reisman.

Recently I've been doing some work for Legal Momentum, the nation's oldest organization of legal advocates for women. Definitely a second wave institution. To that end, we've been asking women if they define themselves as feminists, or would they prefer to say...

I'm not a feminist, but..." (fill in the blank: I'm not a feminist but I believe men and women should have equal rights. I'm not a feminist but I believe women should earn the same as men. You get the idea).

In our sample (albeit, probably a more progressive, online and left-leaning sample) 86% of respondents said, "hell yes, I'm a proud feminist." That made me so happy.

I'd love to know from BlogHers- are you feminists? Or qualified feminists? Do you hate the word? What does the F-word conjure up? Is it irrelevant? To me, there's no doubt today the word itself is negative, but the concepts are positive.


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