Stan Dale, sex & Intimacy pioneer , dies at 78

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I just learned that Stan Dale, founder of the Human Awareness Institute and leader of hundreds
of sexuality/intimacy workshops, died died last week at age 78.
A colleague, Marty Klein, has written a blog post about him that says says, in part:
"...He treated everyone magnificently. He was infinitely patient. He designed a workshop program that healed people and connected them to each other. He created a little international cultural island on which people could be sexual together, transcending arbitrary limits like age, gender, the meaning of fidelity, the definition of “sex.”

And Stan lived authentically, letting people know of his multiple marriage and unconventional sexual commitments."

Since sometimes it seeks like every geek in the Bay area has been to a workshop at HAI, Stan's work is definitely of note--but clearly his life was courageous as well. Tributes herehere.

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