Maybe the girl in Colorado can get to New Hampshire somehow...

On the reproductive rights front, I've got good news and I've got bad news.

On the one hand, we have New Hampshire repealing their parental consent law for abortions, the Governor noting that "I strongly believe parents should be involved in these decisions, providing important support and guidance. Unfortunately that is not possible in every case." Let's hear it for common sense!

On the other hand, Bitch PhD tells us about a judge who has decided that a 16 year old, who is unemployed and lives at home with her mother (and probably goes to high school too!) may not have an abortion -- wait for it! -- because she is too immature to make that decision. The good professor does an awesome job of pointing out the flaws in the so-called judgment of the judge.

I wonder who the judge thinks is going to raise the baby. After all, if she's too immature to decide to have a baby, she is surely too immature to put a child up for adoption!


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