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In June I read a book a day and blogged advice for enviro-friendly reading. To cap things off: The green reading tips, compiled --

Go paperless
- with free online books.

- from your own bookshelf.
- from the library (via eco-friendly travel).
- from friends.
- from bookstores, via surreptitious reading.

Buy used
- at local used bookstores.
- online via or other resellers.

- green publishers.
- local independent bookstores.
- small presses.

- by throwing a book exchange party -- I did :)
- by joining BookCrossing locally.
- by swapping books online.

Sell used books
- to local 2nd hand bookstores.
- online to or other 2nd hand sites.

- by lending books to friends.
- by freecycling them.
- by donating them to your library or local Goodwill.
- by giving them away on your blog.

- a green book club
- book art.

Also, some tips on how you too could read 30 books in 30 days --

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