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Being the cutting edge smartypant ya’ll are, this won't be breaking news but it bears reminding: DO check out Women in Photography International. This powerful group of film artists banded together in 1981 and was reorganized in 2000 as an online resource center. WIPI gallantly cheers on the world’s Lady Shutterbugs through programs, exhibitions, juried competitions and publications. Can I get an Amen?

Their mission:

“As an educational nonprofit organization, Women in Photography International perpetuates this tradition by providing member benefits that accommodate changing interests and needs as we head into our third decade as a resource for the international photographic community.”

Also, check out the very fine photography of Catherine Buca. Her images have a dreamy, ethereal quality to them - they make me miss the creepy Dustbowl HBO series, "Carnivale." Indeed, I do have my favorites.

Furthermore, Catherine's explanation of herself is incredibly modest and charming:

“Once upon a time I wrote lots of strange and rather pretentious words here about my photos. That was a bit silly. Because I just take photos. That's all. I like pressing the shutter, it's fun. It makes me giggle. Sometimes I have a vague idea about what I want to do, other times (most of the time) I just like holding a camera. It feels kinda sexy. Rah!”

I received a hot tip from my fellow BlogHer CE, Snigda Sen, who enlightens us all on South Asia. (Make sure to check out her fascinating series on arranged marriages.) She kindly alerted me to the incredible talents of Shubhangi Athalye , an India-based photographer who clearly has a natural gift for noticing bits of beauty all around her.

Shubangi's photographs stir up feelings in me like no other. I absolutely get lost in them while invitably, one arm absentmindedly starts rummaging around for my passport. Sure, India has always been on my places to visit, along with many others, but Shubhangi’s images takes this light curiousity to a whole new level; seeing India with mine own eyes now feels more urgent.

WARNING: I would advise against wandering carelessly into her "Food" section unless you plan on desperately seeking out Indian food that very evening because that is precisely what happened to me. I warn because I care, ladies.

Another humble soul, Shubhangi describes herself as a “rank amateur photographer.” (See now, I cannot accept this because that would mean I myself place somewhere below "rank" and my ego just won’t stomach "sub-sub-rank.") A market researcher by day, Shubanghi is also learning Japanese while feeding her shutter obsession:

“My interest in photography revived after a long time.....used to be a keen snapster in the pre-digicam days as a youngster! I remember helping my father process B&W photos at home in the make-shift darkroom corner of our kitchen when color processing was not yet done in India! Also making slides of our holidays and watching them projected on the drawing room wall! However then I was too young to learn anything except a love for clicking pictures!”

Let's Hear It For The Boy!

Ryan Keberly's Snowsuit Effort is an insightful study of faces - no one does it better. His visage collection, taken mostly from the gritty corners of Detroit, peeks into the souls of street musicians, curb dwellers, clowns and more than a few mannequins living their lives by an Oprah-ian philosophy. In other words, all of us.


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