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Blogher Contributing Editor Jenn Satterwhite launched a superb series to help both new and veteran mommy bloggers, So you want to start a Mom Blog. She has excellent tips for anyone who wants to start or better run her own mommy blog. I should carefully study this series because I'm not a mommy blogger powerhouse yet.

Jenn mentioned a blog that I like, especially its name, Three Kid Circus, which another Blogher Contributing Editor launched. The name should tell you to expect humor, and I know for a fact that its creator, Jenny Lauck, is what my mother used to call "a quick wit." Here at Blogher she recently reviewed the family movie Ratatouille, and the movie sounds delightful.

But I didn't write this post to plug Blogher's Contributing Editors, I wrote it because of other mommy bloggers who've caused me to laugh and smile today. Here's a list of mommy blogs I found surfing aroud.

  • Watch me! No, watch me! by Christine. I related to her post about her 20-year-old daughter being swept up by major life decisions and taking Christine with her. I have a 20-something daughter myself who sweeps me into her decision dramas quarterly.

  • Mama Out Loud also drew me in with her post Writing and Mothering. I connected to that piece because I've faced the same situation. In it she writes about the guilt she feels when she's deep into her writing and also must tend to her offspring. She finds it irritating. I do too when I'm in the flow but interrupted by my offspring for what rarely seems like an urgent need.
  • The Domestic Diva, like Jenny at Three Ring Circus, had me laughing out loud. Please read her post about shopping with her baby and having her time hijacked by an "old" lady who criticizes her mothering. Her description of the woman and the woman's interrogation made me think of episodes of The Simpsons. Later she recalls another shopping experience from her pregnancy and how a six-year-old in the store announced how big she was to all within-ear-shot.
  • One thing many mommy bloggers do is post engaging photos of their children and family. You'll find such pictures at A boy and his blog. Love that name, its play on words.
  • She's in Africa! That's what lured me to BurkinaMom's Life in Africa. Today she has a video up of children dancing at a carnival in Africa. I also like her brief bio which says, "You can take the girl out of Nebraska, but you can't take the Nebraska out of the girl. Or can you?" Furthermore, I enjoyed her post that begins with the line "I feel like I'm on the deck of the starship Enterprise." I suppose that gives away that I'm a Trekkie of sorts.

    Visiting these talented women's blogs further confirms that a mother's work is worth six figures. From blog design to wonderful writing and relevant topics, it's clear why mommy bloggers are hot.

    Nordette Adams blogs Goddess Blogs and writes a few other places also.

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