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Life is odd. Why is it that so many areas of my life seem focused on the act of living and the act of dying. Is it my age? Is it my business? Is it just one of those things? I don't know, but it is odd. It's disconcerting for me to be thinking so much about both topics but here I am, doing it again. Why fight the tide? Better to work through whatever it is and learn something in the process, right?

And with that I bring you Hell on Heels. Mrs Hell on Heels has congestive heart failure. After her first heart attack, depression hit - imagine that, eh? Her husband, who is obviously brilliant, told her to get busy living or get busy dying...

I sat and thought about what he said and the meaning of those words. By damn, he was right. I started to think of ways that I could become employed again. I made a list of my talents, and my physical limitations. I enjoy being on the computer. I can communicate with the world, thru this box on my desk. I looked into ways that I could earn a living from my own computer. Sure enough, I found a company, that was hiring, and needed My skills. I applied, and was hired.
That in it's self helped me tremendously, it gave me purpose again, it gave me my pride back.
Some of you out there will understand this, some will never get it I suppose. I don't have to work..I NEED to work. It's not about money. It's all about self worth. Pride in myself. The ability to take care of myself. And the added benefit of this job, is being able to help others.

Mrs Hell on Heels refuses to live her life as if she's dying. She's got a brand new blog space and she's alive and all feels right in my world when I visit her. Life isn't all wine and roses but it is still good, even when it hurts.



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