Take a short survey: Mentoring vs. Community

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This year, as part of the Business of You track, BlogHer is presenting a session about Mentoring and Coaching. If you've ever done the professional coaching thing, we'd like to get your opinion on the interplay between professional coaching and mentoring of all kinds. (It's very short...only six questions.)

Our speakers include:

  • Elizabeth Perry, who is often in the position of mentoring in her role as a teacher
  • Wendy Piersall and Liz Strauss, who have created a rich co-mentoring relationships that leverages each of their strengths and
  • Colette Ellis, an entrepreneur whose company delivers professional coaching for individuals and teams.
  • As part of the session Colette wil take a quick look at the "official" definitions of and differences between "cocahing" and "mentoring."

    She has created two surveys for folks who have had both kinds of relationships:

    Step #1: Take this survey if you are a professional coach.

    Step #2: Take this survey if you have been to a professional coach.

    Step #3: Show up at the Mentoring and Coaching session, hear about the varied kinds of relationships you can create, and how to get what you want and need out of them.