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Fourth of July's come and gone, but jogging around my neighborhood in the evenings, I keep getting distracted by the smell of barbecue. So: If you're gonna keep that barbecue going all summer long, here are some tips and recipes to make your grilling green --

Fire it up: Switch over to propane or electric. Or if you must use charcoal, opt for lump brands "made from invasive tree species or harvested from sustainably managed forests," suggest the girls at The Green Life. And to light up the grill, use a chimney starter instead of lighter fluid.

Discover new dishes: Instead of red meat, choose from a buncha mouth-watering alternatives, from the tomato steak to the "trimmings burger," courtesy of Roz Cummins at Grist. Roz even put together a short list of vegetarian and vegan picnic choices, along with a recipe for Chinese-style cold pickled cabbage with sliced ginger -- nice and cool for those summer days.

If you're putting together a vegan barbecue, get detailed instructions via Elise Thompson at LAist, complete with a link to finding vegan wine and beer. And Teenaged Vegan encourages you to share your vegan feast with carnivores -- who may well turn into ex-carnivores after they get a taste of good meatless cooking.

Set the table: Stay fancy by sticking to nice, reusable dishes. If you must go disposable, opt for biodegradable plates and silverware. (via The Green Life).

Not throwing your own barbecue? Use these tips when going to others' grilling parties. Take a yum vegan dish with you -- and maybe even bring your own plate and cup -- along with your six-pack of organic beer.

[picture of vegan kabobs by Richard Thomas]

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