Women's Voices Needed -- Presidential Debate by CNN / YouTube

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The next round of presidential debates is being sponsored by YouTube and CNN. Until July 22, anyone can submit a video question via YouTube for the July 23rd Democratic debate and until mid September for the Republican debate on September 17. However, out of the first 200 submissions, only 34 were from women! This is an opportunity for your perspective to be heard in the presidential debates. CNN is looking for serious questions that will be televised. Since many of the video questions submitted to date are more humorous than serious, there is good chance your question could be used by CNN. In any case, it will be viewed by many people on the internet which could change the public discussion of issues.

If you have a camera phone or digital camera, it is easy to create a video with your question for the presidential candidates. Then just upload it via a computer over the internet to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/debates

The sooner you submit your video, the more likely it will be used by CNN. It is important for women to have an equal voice in the presidential debates. So, tell your friends to submit a video question too.