Updated: Introducing the Great BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt, by Cool Mom Picks

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BlogHers, the game is afoot! To play, start here: http://coolmompicks.com/blogher.

Bloggers Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner, have unveiled a scavenger hunt designed to introduce all conference-goers to each other. In the days before we descend upon Chicago, we can all get mighty busy digging in to their challenge -- and let me tell you, the prizes look almost as fun as the activity!

Here's how they describe it:

"We've all become comfortable reading our favorite blogs that fill our blog readers every day. And while everyone's looking forward to drinking, brushing up on tech tricks, and drinking some more at the 2007 BlogHer Conference, there's more to the blogosphere than the 60, 80, oh, 150 blogs you're already familiar with.

So to help us all to reach beyond our own keyboards, experience a blogging world of difference, and give us something more by way of introductions than "Hi, um, I really like your blog," Cool Mom Picks is sponsoring the first (and therefore best) ever Great BlogHer Photo Scavenger Hunt for the BlogHer attendees. That's all the attendees--not just those with cute little spawn.

Kristen and Liz go on to describe:

  • How it works
  • The rules
  • The most important part -- the prizes!
  • This looks like a blast -- and a great way to break the ice so that we can all dig into the conference, from debates and deep thoughts to, well, the cocktail party chatter and hanging out that so many of us come back for each year.
    Update: In fact, Liz directly addresses the trepidation she is seeing from first-time conference-goers on her personal blog, with the post You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggonit, People Like You As Long As You Shower. She writes,

    It's two weeks to the BlogHer conference and I am already seeing a heapin' helping of nervous twittering around the 'net...

    In general, there's a whole a whole lot of OMG-ing: OMG what if I don't meet anyone? And OMG what if no one likes me? ...I am here to assure you that none of the above things will happen. It's a professional conference, not a gathering of the Greater Chicago Chapter of the National Mean Girls Association.

    You will meet people. You will learn things. You will get to hear Elizabeth Edwards speak inspiring words. You will find many women to clink Yahootinis with, and all will be right with the world.

    I'll drink to that. Thank you Kristen and Liz. I can't wait to play.


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