Jailed Executive Director of Human Rights NGO in Cambodia Released from Jail

BlogHer Original Post

My first post on the blogher web site was about how the daughters of Kem Sohka, an executive director of a Cambodian NGO, was arrested in Cambodia for publically criticizing the government. His two daughters, attending college in the US, were calling attention to his plight here in the US.

Their efforts have paid off.

The government released their father as well as the four others who were arrested. They went from prison directly to the new US Embassy's official opening, 17 January 2006. In the photos above, they are sipping champagne with a US diplomat.

I started to get emails, IMs, and attached photos just as it was hitting the wires today!  Here's the statement posted on the Licado site and news roundups on FreeSokha web site.

As one of my Cambodian colleagues pointed out: "An optimist would say that this is a good sign. A pragmatic person would note that they're out on bail. A cynic would say that it's all political theatre by different polities of the upper class. A farmer might take a sip of sraa saa and ask, 'what's champagne'?"