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While I was drinking wine, hard-drinking environmentalists've been coming up with organic options for all sortsa liquor. The good news: Now you've got options. The bad news: Most of the stuff, you can only get online or via mail / phone order.

Still, some of these're available at a store near you -- or even at local restaurants and bars! Your options:

I'm a pretty big fan of Square One Vodka, which has done me well at previous parties (read a a detailed review here). This organic vodka -- made with 100% organic rye by a NoCal company -- has made its way into a bunch of stores and bars (roughly $30 a bottle).

Other vodka options include Orange V. an orange-flavored vodka (under $30 for 750 ml), Vodka 14 ($25.98 for 750 ml), and Liquid Ice Vodka (around $30 for 750 ml).

Your best bet's 4 Copas Tequila, the first organic certified tequila, which comes from Jalisco, Mexico to all over the US. Bottles run between $55-$93.

Two options, both via mail order: Papagayo Organic Spiced Rum, made from organic sugar cane and spices and fermented in Paraguay ($20+ per bottle), or Rivers Royal Grenadian Rum, a pricy $90+ for 700ml.

Juniper Green Gin, the world's first organic London dry gin, is now in the US and yours for $31 a bottle.

Lastly, there's VeeV -- a liquor that's not organic, but made with sustainably-harvested acai berries. It's great for making mojitos --

The UK has many more organic options, including organic whisky -- but many of these aren't yet in the US....

I have some vague ideas for an organic cocktail party where everyone's assigned to hunt down a different bottle of organic liquor. At the party, we'd try to determine which one tastes best. It might be helpful, however, to have an expert who knows what one's supposed to look for in good liquor.... Anyone in the Santa Monica area confident enough to take on that role for my party-to-be?

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