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Had to pop in and point you to two terrific posts by BlogHers about being a woman in a male-dominated business world. These two posts also illustrate that blogging can be long-form or short-form and either kind of blogging can be just as effective and worthwhile. (A topic I'm sure Lisa will cover in her Day One session on the Ten Types of Web Writing.)

First, the long of it:

Tara Hunt, who is speaking on our SXSW panel about Increasing Women's Visiblity on the Web, gives us her take on the non-stop question of women in technology.

Tara's writing on this subject, now and previously, resonates with me, because I too want to be funny and outspoken and fun and my own cute-as-a-bug 5 foot tall self, and still be taken dead seriously when it comes to talking about my areas of expertise. Hell, I let guys talk about comic books and anime and golf, and still acknowledge they are brilliant at whatever it is they're brilliant at. But let's let Tara explain it:

Even I have to cringe when someone refers to me as the 'smart one' and my geek pride is proud and mighty - not that I don't want to be the smart one, I just know what that means in the general context of things. Alternatively, I've had to pull way back on my feminine side in order to fit in better with the geek community at large. Sure, I'm still a girly girl, but I very rarely wear a dress or a skirt, never discuss shopping with my peers, have to watch my desire to squeal and giggle over stars and such and just generally reserve anything referred to as 'fluff' for my moments away from the community.

Um, yeah, sister. I've been there.

And if you've ever wondered why Lisa and Jory and I are giving blood, sweat and tears to BlogHer, check this comment form one of Tara's readers:

It's time to ignore the behavior and move on. They can take the ball and go home. We'll just get (or build) a new ball.

There is way more in Tara's post, including her thoughts on the "feminization of the web." That got your attention, right? So go read it.

Now the short of it:

Kirsten Osolind, who has a yet-to-be disclosed role at Blogher '06 (yes, I'm being coy...just stay tuned) has a short post that says it all. What prompts this post? I'll let Kristin fill you in:

a kind note for those esteemed male business advisors who suggest I should go back to brunette to "enhance my perceived level of intelligence and credibility."

All I can say is: arrrrggghhhh.

And I'm a brunette!

See how Kirsten responds! Short and not-so-sweet, but very on-point.

Lisa and I seem to trade posts on "why BlogHer is not passe", as at least one prominent (male) blogger we know has averred.

Tag, Lisa, you're it.


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