UPDATED: Online hotel registration site is up!

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TitleAs promised the Hyatt San Jose has created a custom online site for BlogHers to reserve their hotel rooms. At that fabulous $75/night rate. The rate is available for the nights of 7/25/06 - 08/01/06 (vacation anyone?) And just so you know, they were awesome to offer us the special rate for all of those nights, while putting us on the hook for a minimum number of rooms reserved for one night only, the 28th. I know some of you have already reserved via the Hyatt phone line, but for those of you like me who prefer transacting all business online, you are now good to go.

UPDATED: Thanks Denise for calling our attention to the problem with the site, and thanks to Jenny for adding more info. Here's the dealio:

The Hyatt has to put some cap in their system as to how many rooms are sold at the special rate. That cap for the Friday night is 200 rooms. But they had put a really small cap in for every other night (like 5 rooms!)

And since they're not putting us on the hook for a minimum number of rooms for any other night, they're not going to just make the cap 200 rooms per night. (The Grand Prix is again in town on the same weekend, so they're pretty confident they can sell out the hotel at a much higher rate.)

So, right now we have negotiated for them to set aside the following number of rooms at $75 per night:

Tuesday July 25th/Wednesday July 26th: 10 rooms
Thursday July 27th: 25 rooms
Friday July 28th: 200 rooms
Saturday July 29th: 50 rooms
Sunday July 30th/Monday July 31st: 10 rooms

We'll start with that. The manager said if it looks like we're gonna rip right through those rooms we will go negotiate to get some more. At that point, we would probably have to make the commitment to cover a certain number of rooms on other nights, like we are for Friday night.

The site should be fixed to reflect these changes this morning.

SORRY for the confusion.

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