Multilingual, really global?

Some ideas: What about having a simultaneous/parallel non-English blogher setup? Like what if we make language categories? For example you could easily make a Spanish BlogHer and turn it over to a bunch of the women I'm reading in Latin America. I have no idea how that would work... But for instance Gabby is saying, Wow, what if we had this, but for blogs in Spanish? They could reinvent the wheel, but... what if that were not necessary...

While I'm making wish-lists:

What if we pioneer some kind of translating button that... okay I'm going out on a limb here but, some kind of wiki structure... so that you'd have your own blog, and then you'd push a button to put it into bad automatic-translator Spanish. and that would slam it into this multilingual blog-wiki. Then, people could correct the automatic translation if they wanted to.

Or maybe that could happen in one's own blog in the comments: It could just be a habit, to put your blog into another language, and try to tag it up in that language, too. And then invite readers in that language to fix it if they can. (Or fix it yourself, if you can.)

This sounds like a lot of work and yet it intrigues me and there seem to be a lot of people out there who want to cross cultures and cross languages. It would be a great thing to experiment with. I'm finding blogs in Spanish that I want to make more people read in English, but I could never keep up with translating it all. So it HAS to be decentralized. Y'all would die of happiness if you were reading Hester Prynne's La letra escarlata. So groovy! And wouldn't it be awesome to put Pandagon into, well, any other language?

This will sound corny, but on another level, I believe very passionately we have to talk and read outside of English; it is possibly one way to counteract the evils that the U.S. is bringing into the world. Or at least to show the world we are not all warmongering assholes.



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