Commenter's concern about Trip Advisor reviews

BlogHer Original Post

I wanted to bubble to the top an issue brought up in comments on the original post about online hotel registration.

Here was the comment from BlogHer Nicole S.

Hm, while I did reserve the rooms, I by accident discovered the descriptions on tripadvisor for this hotel - and they sound really bad. :(

Anyone here who can confirm this or not?

You can certainly go to the original post to see multiple comments from others, but I wanted to share the comments Maria and I left, since we're the ones who found, toured and recommended the site.

First my comment:

Maria and I toured the facility before choosing it. Some things to bear in mind:

They are doing a full hotel re-model right now, which is scheduled to be done months before BlogHer. They showed us examples of the re-modeled rooms, which seem entirely acceptable to us.

We ate lunch in the restaurant (from where the meeting catering is also done) and were pleased with the quality.

And their conference organizers has been extremely friendly, responsive and accommodating.

The outside area is truly lovely.

I would agree that this place is not brand spanking new. Some of the meeting rooms almost have a rustic feel, but as long as they can provide full power, WiFi and amplification, then the rustic feel is nice, because it doesn't feel all corporate-y.

The hotel is not in a particularly romantic neighborhood and I would not say it is a luxury resort. But we were prioritizing convenience, very accessible room pricing, all-inclusiveness, and service attitude when choosing a location.

Trip Advisor notes that the hotel class is 3 stars, while the average visitor review is 2.5 stars. The 2.5 score seems mostly to be dragged down by people's reviews of the rooms, as the average on every other criteria is at 3.5 stars.

I would say those numbers set about the right expectations...and given the complete room re-model underway I'm hopeful it will even exceed those expectations.

Now Maria's comment:

To echo Elisa and JM's comments - I also saw the Trip Advisor comments before we toured and, I too, was scared.

However, the model room remodel looks terrific and much nicer than the current rooms that reviews describe.

Also, if expectations are set from the perspective of going to this hotel as a vacation destination then I would agree with the Trip Advisor reviewers that the hotel might disappoint because it is not super luxurious and it is not in a touristy area.

But I was pleasantly surprised when we did tour because I think for that for the purposes of the conference, it's an excellent choice and amazing value. If anyone plans to extend their stay around BlogHer and make a vacation of your trip, just be aware that this just isn't the place for lounging by the pool, getting spa treatments, hanging out at the lounge, and walking to nearby attractions. It is however a good, well located place to stay as a base to get to all of those things and more.

Hope this alleviates some concerns.