Introduction: Heather Platts of Eie Flud

BlogHer Original Post

I found 'blogher' from a link on my blog - and I can't believe how many of us there are here!

I started blogging last year as a free marketing tool - or so I thought. I set up the blog to compliment what was a crummy website that I had neither the time or the money to rectify. Blogging seemed a quick fix solution.

To talk about Eie Flud and keep potential customers up to day with what we are doing.

I think I was quite blase with the blog - but it has come to mean so much more than I imagined - I have connected with so many people - not really customers I have to say - but the benefit has been enormous to the business and I really like blogging about the business and what we're up to.

We're even going to give pod casting a go!

At Eie Flud we hand make toiletries and natural botanical perfumes from scratch - we have a workshop at a place called Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire, UK, I have a small shop function at the workshop - but last year we took the leap and opened a 'proper' shop in Uppingham, Rutland, UK.

so we manufacture and retail - and it is such a huge uphill battle. I love what I do - but now I seem to have a new child in the house - one that is more demanding than the other 3 all put together - THE BUSINESS.

Sometimes I think it will end up killing me - other days I can't imagine doing anything else.

Visit us at - see you there!