Beauty and the beast (you know, the beast of patriarchy...)

Feminists bite a chunk out of mainstream media, the latest being the Vanity Fair and their latest "Hollywood Issue".

At Feministing, Jessica Valenti points readers to an article at by Rebecca Traister, "Topless bodies found in brainless magazine".

Registration is required, so Jessica helpfully provides a synopsis: "clothed men, naked women or women parts. Predictable and disappointing." Take part in the discussion over at Feministing in the comments section. (There's only one comment so far, so swing by to weigh-in with your thoughts.)

Meanwhile, over at the other feminist clearing-house, Feministe, Zuzu delves more extensively into the Vanity Fair photography:

"You may ask yourself why [the naked actresses are] sitting next to a clothing designer yet wearing no clothes. He, of course, is fully dressed, though his manly hairy chest is on display. Well, see, this is Tom Ford's Hollywood, Tom Ford being the guest editor for the issue, and his Hollywood apparently involves a lot of waxen nude women and nude women's body parts. And racial stereotypes. But men get to keep their clothes on. Unless they're black."

Zuzu goes on to respond to excerpts from the same article:

"And not only were the women encouraged to be nude, their bodies were visually hacked up into disembodied parts for the pleasure of the men, who remained intact..."

Race analysis also comes into play ("It doesn't end there, of course. Misogyny is not the only order of the day. Oh, no. We have racial stereotypes to pound home as well.").

Zuzu does a great "call-and-response" with the Salon article, so do stop by Feministe for her entire analysis.

I hope readers enjoy the pieces highlighted and are moved to action (email of complaint, anyone?). Deconstructing images of women in the media is just my cup of tea...

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