Colon Cancer Sucks Ass

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I can only imagine how much it truly does suck - ass. My significant other has ulcerative colitis Crohn's Disease and that stinks, literally and figuratively.

Christine has a nice, if new, blog titled Colon Cancer Sucks Ass so named because it does, obviously, suck ass and because her friends love her enough to create cool t-shirts with that lovely phrase on the front and "Nip it in the butt" on the back. (You can still buy some shirts - go on, you know you want one and it's for a good cause!)

As ass sucky as it is, Christine has a good attitude...

The twice daily injections have to continue for now. Although my blood has thinned to the point that I'm bruising more easily and I have had a bloody nose, it is not even close to thin enough. "Normal" is 1.0. I need to get to 2.0. I can stop the injections at 1.5. I am at 1.2. UGH!! So we've upped my dosage of coumadin and will continue the injections. I have to go in Friday to get another blood test done. At least I already have an surgical follow-up Friday, so it's not going to be an extra trip... always find that silver lining.

...and a better sense of humor.

I'll also find out tomorrow if I need to continue the twice daily shots of blood thinner. If my blood is thin enough, I can stop the injections and just take the daily pill. Unsurprisingly, I am really hoping for that. I'm getting little bruises all over my stomach from the shots. I wonder if it would make a picture if I connected the dots?

Sense of humor is important when dealing with disease of the rear end, trust me I know this first hand. And again, Christine has it.

As a side note, my original belly button is doing as well as can be expected. The surgical team was nice enough to make the incision around it, so the physical appearance has not been disturbed. Emotionally though, it is quite disconcerting to find yourself suddenly duplicated and to find that your doppelganger is getting much more attention on a very regular basis. It's definitely something to think about.

Go visit Christine and encourage her to keep sharing both attitude and humor with us on her blog. This stuff is important to those of us dealing with tummy troubles and potty problems.

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