Drawing The Line Across Butt Cracks and Boobage

Bluefly.com -- an online retailer -- ran a television commercial last fall called "The Dinner Party."

Did you see it?

No? Perhaps the fact that the ad -- featuring a woman frantically searching her closet for something to wear -- was labeled "indecent" by three cable stations and a few print magazines might have had something to do with it.

Oh, did I mention the woman was naked...do you have a problem with that?

HGTV, Lifetime and Oxygen -- the later two cable channels mostly geared to a female audience -- apparently did, because HGTV and Lifetime refused to run it, and Oxygen agreed to run it after midnight...only!

Bluefly.com -- an online retailer that offers clothing and accessories by some 350+ designers, starting at 40% off -- is running the add on their website and you can view it by clicking...here.

Frankly, I found the commercial quite entertaining, easily related to the woman's frustration in trying to find something in my closet that I "didn't hate" at that very moment and admired her for her ultimate "what not to a-wear-ness."

Her well-toned back, un-rippled backside and thin calves...not so much.

Then again, I don't know if I'd necessarily appreciate my children eyeing a woman's crack or catching a glimpse of boobage during Sponge Bob Square Pants -- no matter how large or brief.

On the other hand, they are exposed to Sponge Bob's butt crack (not to mention farting and poop jokes) almost on a regular basis.

Which is worse...I don't know?

Will the commercial ever air, perhaps during "Beauty and the Geek" or "The Surreal Life"...we'll have to see, won't we?

In the meantime -- check out Bluefly.com and see for yourself -- and tell me what you think?

"Is there such a thing as prudity in nudity and, when it comes to fashion, should we draw a thick, black line across butt cracks and boobage?"

Besides, heaven knows the Victoria Secret models could use a diversion...away from wearing those damned rhinestone g-strings that gotta hurt like bitch...I'm sorry!!!


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