Blogging on a Diet

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Since I started covering the *weight loss* beat as one of the Food and Drink editors at Blogher, I've been amazed at the variations of weight loss blogs there are out there. Apparently some pretty creative women are thinking about losing weight . . .

Our Lady of Weight Loss is the web site and blog of Janice Taylor, who lost 50 pounds after getting in touch with an inner *muse* which she calls Our Lady of Weight Loss.

Erin Eats is the food blog of a woman with the goal of making meals under 500 calories. She cooks some tasty looking food, with calorie counts and recipes.

Half of Me is the poignant journal of 25 year old Pasta Queen, who has gone from 327 pounds to 236, with a goal of 160.

Weight of the Evidence is a research-centered blog written by Regina Wilshire, who began studying nutrition after she lost a lot of weight on a low carb diet.