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I like reading and talking to fellow Canadian bloggers. I don't have to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius all the time, they understand the whole we don't use sled dogs thing and they are aware that we recently elected a Conservative party into office (makes spitting sound).

Canada is a very beautiful, vast and for the large part, empty country. Our population is roughly 10% of what the US's is, but our land mass is greater. So yes, long stretches on road trips with nothing but trees and deer and the occasional Tim Hortons. A Canadian blogger who has taken advantage of Canada's great beauty is colouring outside the lines. Andrea hits us with both barrels. She is am amazing artist and a prolific blogger with interesting things to say. I am envious of her multitalented ways.

Recently I've been made aware by friends in both Europe and North America that they think Canada's west coast is as much a white wasteland in winter as many parts of the rest of Canada (e.g. Churchill, Iqaluit, the top of Mt. Logan). Shame on you people! Especially if you live farther south on the west coast! If you have a rudimentary understanding of major ocean currents, you'll know that the north Pacific coast is a completely different ball of ice from the north Atlantic coast. Most people know that Seattle is rainy but many don't make the connection that Vancouver is in the same climatic region ... and only two hours north. As for you Brits, if you want to leave home without really leaving home, come here. Our climate is almost identical, except we tend to have sunnier summers.

I love you anyway, even if you're all ignorant gits. :)

The other blog I want to showcase this week is Incidental Pieces. I am not sure how I found this blog, but it is written by Ami McKay, who recently had her first novel published, The Birth House.

The Birth House is the story of Dora Rare, the first daughter to be born in five generations of Rares. As a child in an isolated village in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to Miss Babineau, an outspoken Acadian midwife with a gift for healing and a kitchen filled with herbs and folk remedies. During the turbulent first years of WWI, Dora becomes the midwife's apprentice. Together they help the women of Scots Bay through infertility, difficult labours, breech births, unwanted pregnancies and even unfulfilling sex lives.

I know, I am going to order a copy as well. There is also lots to read on her blog, both book and non-book related. Ami is a fantastic writer in many mediums it seems, check out her biography for more credits.

Now, Ami wasn't born in Canada, but I have decided to embrace and link her regardless :-). She is a permanent resident of Canada and certainly doing us proud.


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