Portuguese Blogosphere from NY

Hi, I'm Neuza, and I am a little bit nervous about being your guide on a weekly stroll through the Portuguese blogospHERe. But I promise to do my best! I'm a Brazilian living in the U.S., and coincidentally or not have been recording my daily life online for nearly three years now, ever since I left my native habitat in Sao Paulo so far behind.

From all my surfing, I discovered that the Internet can be a great source for distilling feminine sensibilities. For example: Anyone who observes Camila from Sao Paulo carrying her backpack onto the bus to USP, the University of Sao Paulo, would never know from looking at her that she is on her way to work on her master's thesis on the Brazilian writer Joao Guimaraes-Rosa. But you can read all about it on her blog, Tutaméia.

Meanwhle, a zillion miles away, but on the same planet, Fer, who lives in Davis, California, works hard at a new job while keeping up her three blogs. The first of these, The Chatterbox, became famous as one of the first Portuguese-language Web journals. Later, she founded Cinefilia , which covers the universe of film, and the cooking blog Chucrute com Salsicha (Wieners and Sauerkraut), which I constantly visit when I don't know what to make for dinner.

In the blogosphere, in fact, things that might not seem very sexy, like feeding your family, are enlivened by the enthusiasm and personality of the person who blogs about it. Chucrute has wonderful photos, for example.

As for me, the blogosphere fits my lifestyle like a glove, I already love to write, but I have outgrown my teenage diary. I've published a book of short stories in Brazil and have another one that I am trying to find a publisher for. At the moment, besides keeping the Mina de Letras minimally up to date, I am working chaotically on three new literary projects at once. I open the window of my office, which adjoins the kitchen, and beyond the glasses with hula dancers painted on them that we keep on the windowsill I see brownstones and old teenement buildings, like the one I live in, built in 1920. Yes, this is Brooklyn, New York. There's still some snow on the sidewalk and I can hardly wait to greet the spring in Prospect Park, pedaling my bicycle.