On Pubic Hair

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Sometimes it seems like the whole world shaves it all off. Everyone where I'm sitting in Los Angeles for sure.

Is the full wax-off just a fade? Or proper hygiene? What is our issue with women having hair where hair naturally grows? Sexy with? Or sexy without?

Anne talks about the pressure to shave.

Shana wonders who doesn't.

Izzy blames our culture.

While Kinonatsumi mourns the loss of the hair on her head:

Time has done nothing but make me miss my hair even more. There is no mourning for it. No one even realizes I miss it because when I first lost it, it didn't matter. People figure I have gotten over it. But, then again, I don't want pity, and I don't really want their sympathy, I just want my hair back. I don't want to feel that prickly feeling behind my eyes when the kids at camp laugh at me because I don't have hair. I don't want them to try and steal my hat, so they can laugh at me more. I don't want them ask me whether I'm a boy or a girl. I don't want to hurt over something that is so petty and pointless. I don't want to hurt over vanity.

I love that: "I don't want to hurt over vanity."

Although Kinonatsumi is waxing poetic over a far more serious hair issue than the pros and cons of pubic hair, I wonder, what can you do if what makes you happy differs from what makes your significant other happy, from what makes society happy? Is pubic hair worth taking a stand?

What's your position?


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