Around the Dial: The Olympics

What are feminist bloggers talking about? The Olympics, of course!

One "T. Comfyshoes" who blogs at Woman in Comfy Shoes is thoroughly enjoying the Olympics: "Canada has three medals so far. All women. Go Canadian women!" Visit her blog for some good reading and a swerve towards a feminist textual lashing.

Another Canadian blogger, Melanie McBride of Chandrasutra, applies her feminist lens to a recent scandal - see "Olympics lesbian marriage 'prank'". Sample quote: "The gag is only amusing if you're a sophomoric idiot who thinks the notion of two women (or men) getting married is a larf."

Vanessa Valenti at Feministing gives a brief profile of athletes Alissa and Anders Johnson, who are ranked among the top ski-jumpers in the world. But - surprise! - only one is competing in the Olympics: the male athlete. Visit Feministing to read the bizarre and deeply wrong-headed reasoning from the International Ski Federation. Obligatory quote from Valenti: "It's more appropriate for a lady to become a mommy than to become the best female ski-jumper in the world. Sigh." (And what about those precious, delicate testicles that may be injured through ski-jumping, hmmm....?)

Zuzu of Femininste saw the Feministing post and ran with it. In an appropriately-titled piece, Zuzu does some quote-and-respond analysis, concluding, "These excuses have been used for years and years and years to keep women out of sports." She calls it as she sees it. (Hence the post's title.)

The minor Greek Goddess who blogs at Echidne of the Snakes also read the Feministing post, and responded with her own thoughts in The Wandering Uterus Strikes Again: "History has countless numbers of these stories about the fragility of the female reproductive system. Once it was believed that higher education would damage the uterus, that women were too weak to both study and menstruate, and that menstruating was more important. And hysteria was assumed to be caused by a wandering uterus." Read more at the green snake.

Finally, in an unrelated but strangely similar story, Jess McCabe of the UK-based f-word blog cites a Reuters piece in which a Russian coach complains that his country's women are "too 'strong and big' to win figure skating medals."

Jess McCabe doesn't provide any commentary. She doesn't need to.

Hat-tip: Sports columnist Johnette Howard, "Rules let a brother fly, but clip sister's wings" (

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Melinda Casino, Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck / Sour Duck's Link Blog

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