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Confused by Google SEO?

Are you confused by Google SEO?  I am starting a new series answering your questions about Google SEO!  ...more
SEO itself is not that difficult, it's the frequent algorithm changes that Google makes, which ...more

Inspirational Writing, Looking to Exchange!

Hi!  My name is Courtney and I am a creative writer, published author, speaker, actress, and single mom to four amazing teens!  I am working on my second book and would love to exchange blogs with someone else who writes for motivation, self-help, and inspiration!  I would appreciate your looking at my start up blog at look forward to getting to know others, and can't wait to begin this journey!  Thank you so much for your time!Courtney Frey...more

New to blogging, new here & looking for advice.

This is my first month blogging. I've read blogs all over the web, but until I attempted to write one I had no idea how big the blogosphere actually was. Since I started, I have been researching exactly how to go about this. I've visited numerous communities and found all types of blogs and I am feeling quite small in this vast alternate universe. It is so confusing.  ...more
Hi Abc Mama, I know how you feel. When I first started blogging, it was extremely overwhelming. ...more

Hello from another new member!

I want to introduce myself and my blog and extend an invitation for critique and discussion on my initial writing for Blogher.  I write a blog on joy at  Thanks for welcoming me into your community!  I love it already!...more

Buying your own domain

I recently tried to buy my own domain through blogger (I know), which registered my blog name through e-nom. I have never been able to access it, always getting the message that someone else owned my domain even though I received a receipt for my purchase. After an e-mail to both and a help center ticket with no response I've sent another e-mail hoping they will refund my money, but it doesn't look likely as per their all domain sales are final line....more
I used Go Daddy to buy the domain for my Blogger blog. Just recently when I decided to get going ...more

Offline writing and templates?

Hi everyone. I have been blogging on my personal blog for about 2 years and have written on and off for a local business for a bit over a year. I have recently become their regular blogger (yay!) and am finding I really need a couple of tools to keep myself efficient and keep up with the schedule. I have been using Evernote to draft blog entries, keep ideas in one place, and keep a back-up of entries in case there is a technical problem....more
@Denise  I just did some quick research and found this:   please let me ...more

New to BlogHer and Questions about Blogging

Hi all ... my name is Samara and I have a blog Deconstruct the Girl.  I'm excited to join blogger and connect with new people and the community.  I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for how to better connect with other bloggers as well as how to increase traffic and followers to your site.  I'm really enjoying having this blogging outlet, I just wish I could share it more with others.  Thanks so much ... any advice is appreciated!...more
Hi Samara, Joining blogger communities such as BlogHer is a good start. You can also connect ...more


Hi, I just want to introduce myself. My name's Shanice, my blog is called inspired heiress and I am very green to blogging. I'm 36, divorced working mom to 2 young men, full-time Paralegal with 15 years in the legal industry. I am a freelance writer and I published a poetry collection in 2007. The book didn't sell and I stopped writing.The passion never dies, so here I am again. :)I need all the blogging help I can get (I do not even have a main topic for my blog yet) and I look forward to reading all the helpful information posted in this forum....more
Hello and welcome to BlogHer, Shanice. I have an offsite blog that was mainly going to be about ...more

Photography help?

Hello everyone!  I'm new here and a little lost in BlogHer, definitely have to take some time to find my way around better. I'm a fairly new blogger.  An entire blog critique would be awesome, but I'm hoping to fix my known shortcomings first.  For example: my photography (though vastly improved in a few months) needs a lot of work.  I've read a lot on the subject and watched lots of helpful videos, but my problem is that, while I can tell the photos aren't that great, I can't tell what exactly is wrong with them in order to fix it. ...more  here is a link to one of the groups i found on flickr. ...more

Is anyone video blogging?

Hey Everybody, I'm new to this group. I've been blogging before it was invented. Am now totally obsessed with video. Is anyone video blogging - vlogging? PEACE.Peggy Duncan, Personal Productivity ExpertAtlanta GA
 @Denise Hi Denise, Thanks for the quick response. I was surprised when I didn't find anyone. ...more

Starting a blogger mastermind group

Hi all,  I'm starting a blogger mastermind group - a small group of bloggers who will meet online once a month to keep each other accountable, brainstorm new ideas, offer feedback, etc.If you are intrested in joining (no cost) send me a message with your contact info and your name and blog url.KateBlogger @
If would be interested in learning more.  My blog is I have been ...more

New Here

Hello, I am new here. I'd love to aquire some skills to make the most out of my blog. ...more
Hi, I'm new, too.  I joined to find ways to market my blog.more

New Member Introduction

I am amazed at all the great information available on Blogher. I just joined and am looking forward to learning and meeting other bloggers!...more
Hello Everyone! Is anyone even here anymore? I guess I'm behind. Behind 20 days to be exact ...more

30-Somethings Introductions.

Hello, Introduce yourself & your blog here!!!...more

Well Tiny is my nickname from birth and the name I choose to go by. I am a mom to 8 kids. I ...more

Saturday Suggestions

Link your post / blog / page at Saturday Suggestions:  Here        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

I'm new to blogHer and have loved getting to know everyone on this online community. I would ...more

How Do You Spice Up Your Blog Life?

I feel like I have...Blogger's Depression. That one where you feel like there's no hope for the blog and it won't have a good readers base. All those thoughts have been running through my mind. So, my question is: how do you keep things alive between you and your blog? Peace and Fangs,Alisha Black Nailed ReviewsEat Read Love...more

I have been blogging for a year, but I have seen that there are slow parts in blogging. It's so ...more

New to the group

Hey all, I'm super new to BlogHer and relatively new to blogging in general.  I looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things along the way.Hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday!Marisa...more
I am so glad that I found this site. I am brand new to BlogHer ( and fairly new to blogging) and ...more

New Group Member

Good afternoon, Ladies!  I created an account on BlogHer a while ago and I'm finally making the time to get to know the site and I'm hear to learn what I can do to better promote and grow my blog, Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier.  I write a photography blog for amateur photographers (like me) who didn't read the manual (like me).  I'm excited to meet and interact with everyone.Kimberly...more

Welcome to the group.

There are quite a few helpful articles in the group archives, hope you ...more

To Self Publish or Not

  Has anyone had a book published? Did you do self-publishing? If so, which company did you use? How was your experience? I'm considering having a children's book self-published but have heard it might ruin the crediblity of the book because I had to do it myself. Anyone know anything? Thanks ...more
I am self-debating with this exact topic right now. After two years of writing my first book ...more

New to the site!

I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Jess, a 24-year-old Austinite and art director.I love cooking, creating, and being with my husband and two dogs.I look forward to getting to know you all, and being a part of the community!...more

Hello everyone. Since I am new here I also want to introduce my self. I am miss Lego, 27 years ...more


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