Tragedy or Comedy

So I was browsing a new blog today and I came across a funny lady trying to make it in a man's world. The comedy industry in the past has been dominated by men. I could drop a few famous ladies of comedy that have made it; Lucille Ball, Rosanne Barr and Ellen Degeneres, however men really have maintained much of the spotlight and revenue where comedy is concerned. Do men really want a secret boys club for comedy just for themselves?

Why you ask?
Is it quit possible that the new boys club is where all the sexist jokes reside; the funny ones and the not so funny ones? Is "politically correct" creating a secret society for comedy? Or does this have nothing to do with politically correct and is merely a demographically driven advertising machine?

Just ask Susie, a comedian in New York then you decide.

"Why? Do women not want funny, edgy sites to share with their mates? Do we not toil in offices all day long to earn a few doubloons? Do we not then bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and serve it in a hot rum reduction sauce?"

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