The shit has hit the fan...

Earlier this morning, several major newspapers published articles revealing South Dakota to be the first state to challenge Roe V. Wade head-on. The Mount Rushmore State Senate voted last night to pass a bill that outlaws all abortions, even those intended to end a pregnancy caused by rape or incest.

From the Washington Post article:

"The momentum for a change in the national policy on abortion is going to come in the not-too-distant future," said Rep. Roger W. Hunt, a Republican who sponsored the bill. To his delight, abortion opponents succeeded in defeating all amendments designed to mitigate the ban, including exceptions in the case of rape or incest or the health of the woman. Hunt said that such "special circumstances" would have diluted the bill and its impact on the national scene.

Read more here.

Contact the South Dakota Representative Roger Hunt here.

The time to act is now!


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