Hester Prynne's scarlet explosion of letters

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Hester Prynne's blog, La letra escarlata, is possibly the best blog I've come across so far in the Spanish-speaking blogosphere. I'm not content with summing it up, talking about Hester's ideas, or quoting little bits - I wish I could give you her whole blog in the most careful, loving translation.

Many women bloggers in Latin America link to Hester. She's a fierce feminist, an excellent writer and she contains multitudes! (I should note she's in school in upstate New York.) Take a look at this post from her archives, illustrated by a photo of her face looking out from her laptop: Detrás de Hester Prynne[Behind Hester Prynne]:

Yo soy esa mujer desvergonzada. Yo soy esa feminista que te dijeron que era demasiado radical. Yo soy esa lesbiana de la que te advirtio tu padre. Yo soy activista. Yo soy ese desastre que lo deja todo para altima hora pero siempre sale del paso. Yo soy agitadora. Yo soy esa persona que no tiene nada en propiedad y no le importa. Yo soy creadora. Yo soy esa chica que se contenta con una cerveza y una buena conversacion. Yo soy la adicta al café que te sonrae y siempre saluda. Yo soy provocadora. Yo soy alguien que hace cosas con su indignacion. Yo soy esa mujer que no entra en los canones de belleza ni quiere hacerlo. Yo soy esa antimilitarista que te dijeron que era utopica pero que nunca deja de creer que es posible. Yo soy subversiva.

I'm that shameless woman. I'm that feminist that they told you was too radical. I'm that lesbian your daddy warned you about. I'm an activist. I'm this catastrophe that leaves everything to the last minute but always gets out of trouble. I'm an agitator. I'm this person who doesn't have a shred of propriety and I don't care. I'm a creator. I'm that girl who's happy with a beer and a good conversation. I'm the coffee addict who always smiles at you and says hi. I'm a provocateur. I'm somoene who does things with her outrage. I'm that woman who doesn't fit the standards of beauty and doesn't want to. I'm that antimilitarist who they say is utopian but never stops believing it's possible. I'm subversive.

Right on, Hester! And there's so much more. I'm going to translate one of her February posts for the Carnival of Blog Translation, coming up at the end of February.

I'm trying not to write only about fierce, feminist, bookish, writerly activists, but there are so many... And instead of sending them flowers I can express my crushes by blogging. 8-)


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