Discrimination or Gender Preference?

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Let me start my saying that I don't really understand this topic at all. I grew up as a military brat and you got whichever doctor you got. I married a military dude and spent 20 adult years with military healthcare and again, you got whichever doctor you got and were damn glad when you actually GOT to see a DOCTOR.

I've listened to a lot of people, mostly women, talk about their preference for female doctors - the whole ob/gyn factor and all that. Huh? Whatever. I don't get it. But a lot of you do.

Happy Feminist understands:

In most areas of life, I strive to be scrupulously gender-blind. But I do discriminate in one area. When my annual physical rolls around, I always request a woman doctor. This seems like common sense to me. Why should I tolerate a strange man poking around in my most intimate private areas when there are plenty of qualified women professionals with whom I would be more comfortable?

Of course Twisty Faster has thoughts about this situation, too...

I reveal no secrets when I say that the idea of the male ob/gyn sorely inflames the revulsion center in my obstreperal lobe.

Well guess what, apparently sometimes men have gender preferences when it comes to docs poking in areas where the sun only shines when you're at a nude beach! UroStream had this fun exchange with a patient and oh boy does it sound fun!

I knock and enter the examining room, and extending my hand to my new patient, I greet him :
"Good morning!"
The patient takes one look at me, and standing up to exit the room, he says:
"I think we're done here".
"I'm sorry, is there a problem?"
"Yes, I didn't realize you were a woman".
End of story, the patient leaves my office....

OK so, I still don't get it. Do you? Do you have a gender preference? Do you consider such a preference to be sexist? (Edited to add: Chantel was unable to comment on this entry so she's created a forum link for more discussion. Please feel free to join us there if you like! Gender Preferences for OB/GYN Doctors)

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