Sex, Mortality, Age, and Illness

BlogHer Original Post

I was just telling Melinda how much I'd struggled to write my Blog for Choice entry and here I am struggling to write my first "real" post as a Blogher Health & Wellness Editor.

What's really strange about this is that when I volunteered to do this my first thought was - Ohhhh, Jen's blog will be the first one I write about!

But how do you write about a blog like Sex, Mortality, Age, and Illness and do it justice? How do you blog about Jen and do her justice? I've finally decided, after spending another half hour re-reading post after post, that I just can't. It's not possible. Jen's work and her life and her spirit just have to speak for her.

I could link to entries that moved me or made me laugh or made a real connection to my life. But it's important, I think, for you all to simply begin at the beginning and find your own connections and your own thoughts through hers.

I believe that this blog, of all 586 blog feeds I'm currently subscribed to, is my favorite. And I don't do favorites. Except in this one case. Because it's just that right.


(Huge thanks to Koan for sharing Jen with us. Without Koan, I would not have found my way there.)


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