Welcome everyone! BlogHer alpha becomes all-night rave...

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You are amazing! The BlogHer alpha has turned into an all-night rave. Rule numero uno of women online: Don't throw a virtual party unless you're prepared to stay up all night watching the fun.

And you are making this fun - thank you. In the past two to three days, I've had the pleasure of joining conference calls with the following teams of editors to talk about profiles, blogrolls, our first posts and the site overall: (And don't worry, this post doesn't substitute for an official linked list of editors by topic, which I'll provide within a few days)

- Business & Career - Elana Centor (News and Trends), Maria Niles (Personal Finance, Small Biz, Real Estate), Jeneane Sessum (PR & Communications) and Jory Des Jardins (Career and Personal Development)
- Feminism & Gender - Melinda Casino and the other half is coming soon! Due to a snafu with her login invite, Koan Bremner will be logging on later today I hope.
- Health & Wellness - Denise Tanton, mipmup and Amanda Shaffer
- Hobbies - Debra Roby, Karen Rani
- Law, Media & Journalism - Kim Pearson, soon to be joined by some writers and attorneys I'm speaking with today
- Personal - Gloria Mattioni, Chantel Williams and Grace Davis from her Hawaiian vacation no less
- Nonprofits & NGOs - Beth Kanter, the original guinea pig, and Britt Bravo. Nancy White will join us next week.
- Race & Ethnicity - Danielle Henderson, soon to be joined by Marian Douglas
- Technology & Web - Anne Zelenka, soon to be joined by Sachi Gahan

Today I get to (try to) catch up with:

- Sex & Relationships - Liz Rizzo (who's already blogging a blue streak), Halley Suitt and Susan Mernit
- Politics & News - Kim Ponders (milblogging, warblogging), Barbara Serrano (surfs the righty bloggers), Liza Sabater (surfs the lefties), LaShawn Barber (starring herself! LaShawn also is blogging in Religion & Spirituality)
- Entertainment & Arts - Mir Verburg (Books), Emily Gordon (Film), Nichelle Stephens (Theatre and a dash of opera, I'm hoping), Amber Hansford (TV); Paige Maguire (Music)
- Mommy & Family - Jenn Satterwhite is getting going while Sweetney does Sundance
- Technology & Web - Sachi Gahan, the second half of that team
- Travel & Recreation - Suzanne Reisman and Laurie White

In the midst of this I'll be driving kids around and buying baseball cleats, so I should be properly insane by mid-afternoon!

Tomorrow, the day of rest: Food & Drink and hopefully World, two lists of editors that are incredibly long and getting longer. I need to check my emails to set a time for the latter. More on that -- including names -- soon.

Most importantly: Thanks for every comment, every suggestion, ever blog linked. I am working to get back to you on your emails and posts as fast I can!

~ L


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