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Hello, My name is Ronni

I am an avid news watcher and reader.  I love to watch Court TV, and I try to get news from various sources.  I live in Vermont and I can honestly say that our news does not compare to many of the states that I have previously lived in.   We sell a t-shirt here for the tourists that says "What happens in Vermont, Stays in Vermont" then in smaller letters underneath it reads but nothing ever happens in Vermont....more

I'd like to live in a state where nothing happened. ;-)

I also like people who would argue ...more

Let's Talk About the Gulf Oil Spill

Ongoing BlogHer coverage of the Gulf oil spill: ...more

I am so freakin ticked off that we haven't come up with a viable alternative to oil yet. Watch ...more

Brittany Murphy's Husband Simon Monjack Found Dead of "Natural Causes"

The Associated Press reports 39-year-old British screenwriter Simon Monjack was found dead of natural causes. Monjack was the husband of the late actress Brittany Murphy, who died in December 2009 of "pneumonia, an iron deficiency and multiple drug intoxication," according to People Magazine -- where it's also reported that Monjack may have had a heart condition. ...more

I think it is fishy too. They both die so young, for such similar reasons so close to each other ...more

Where do you get your news?

Do you subscribe to a real live print newspaper? Do you watch CNN or Fox News? Which news services do you read online? Which news sources will you absolutely NEVER ever read? ~Denise BlogHer Community Manager Life. Flow. Fluctuate....more

I have to watch C-SPAN a lot for my job and I toggle between all of the 24hour TV news networks. ...more


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