Around the Dial: Double-shots

Some mornings, an espresso is just fine - while other mornings call for a double-shot. This "around the dial" is a special double-shot edition.

Emma of team-blog Gendergeek examines the ever-popular cult TV program "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in "Raping the Slayer". Then she switches beans and focuses on health reform: "The Observer reports that a petition demanding better sex education, signed by over 2,000 UK girls, is being delivered to Downing Street tomorrow." Get your "good news caffeine hit" in "UK girls demand better sex education".

Terry of I See Invisible People takes over and pulls two strong ones. She finds Washington State's handling of proposed sex education legislation distinctly lacking ("Reality 101"). She also reports that six women in Saudi Arabia are running for seats in the local chamber of commerce. Read more in "It begins with one step".

Over at Brutal Women, Kameron Hurley brews an old favorite: "Why I am a feminist". Read her approach to the feminist blogger's favorite cuppa in "Fall Down Seven Times. Get Up Eight: Or, Why I'm A Feminist". When you've finished that, take a sip of culturally produced gender roles in "You Can Make It Up, Or You Could Just Read About the Real Thing", which Hurley tops off with a frothy political head.

Matsu at community-blog Media Girl produces a bittersweet demitasse in "Why I'm not voting Democrat - Second Wave Feminist Perspective". Need another one? Order her equally-strong "God is a man… and he's against abortion".

Triple Shot

Finally, if you really need waking up, try a triple-shot of Chandrasutra - because it's so good:

Hope you've enjoyed this double-shot edition of Around the Dial.

Melinda Casino, Contributing Editor, Feminism & Gender
Sour Duck / Sour Duck's Link Blog

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