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If I could find pictures of me from ... well, ages ago.. most would show me doing something: catching my first fish near Pymatuning Lake, giddy near the end of an all-night card game, rafting on the Cheat. I'll admit it; I've always worked to live. It's the "stuff" happening away from work environments that has always fueled my fire!! The individual choices people make of how to spend their "free time" to me defines their passions.

So it seemed logical to me that when BlogHer wanted people to read blogs about those "off work" activities.. I was one of the gals to do it!!

My personal interest lays mainly in the "arts and crafts" segment of hobbies, especially the fiber stuff. But "hot stove" discussions of baseball should be starting right after the SuperBowl... and bike rides, marathons, and camping trips won't be far behind. And surely there are books, home dec., collecting.

Hey!! Does anyone realize how broad a topic hobbies can be??

So why don't we sit for a while I can tell you about everybody's passions.


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