What is Technorati Anyway?

I have posted about the difficulties with Technorati tags and indexing more than I would like to even think about...my problem with non-working tag bookmarklets (yes, these very same bookmarklets worked on other blogs....just not on mine) seemed to finally be solved by using Performancing.  I have also found Janice Myint to be very responsive each time I have emailed about the indexing issue.

Having said that, I agree with the statement "Technorati is still broken" that is appearing on many blogs in one form or another.  Speaking specifically about the two places I blog, here and as one of the four editors of the blogging and social media blog at blogher (Zadi Diaz,Debi Jones ,and Nicole Simon are writing about video blogging, mobile blogging, and blogging respectively) I have to say that there are problems with  tracking updates,  tagging, pinging, and even the number of blogs per url.

For Resonance Partnership blog, I found two listings in my own favorites:
                Resonance Partnership...Updated 28 days ago and Resonance Partnership by marianne richmond.,Updated  19 hours ago.

Blogher is listed as one of my favorites and on my list, Technorati shows updates 9 hours ago; 9 seconds ago would be a closer guess. As Laura Scott says, "there are 1046 members, 2737 posts and 1805 links. There are constant updates.

Further, I keep a Technorati Chart on my blog that is supposed to automatically update posts tagged blogher.
The graph,  Posts tagged Blogher per day for the last 30 days
shows blogher tags declining. That is difficult to believe with the number of Blogher blogs and posts increasing.
Technorati Chart
Get your own chart!

Laura Scott posts the question, "If you built it, and Technorati doesn't track you, will they come?" and of course for Blogher the answer is "yes". For individual bloggers who are constantly fighting the battle of the tag, the Technorati model is a bit more problematic. As Laura says in reference to the new Technorati Favorites, " Technorati's latest popularity measure--which is very undemocratic, tends to mainstream traffic, and generally rewards the already-successful."

In fact, in a matter of several days, Technorati first gave us favorites and then after we listed our favorites, we got to find out who was the most favorite...

So to link (no pun intended) two points of this post together: #1 Technorati has fundamental problems with its basic features, tracking and indexing, but instead of fixing the basics they keep adding new features, favorites, most favorites and authority which, by the way in case you didn't notice,  keeps enhancing the dance cards of those all ready dancing the most;

#2 the question of giving Technorati the authority to be the arbiter of the blogosphere  because it seems to have one BIG problem that we have all experienced: Is It ACCURATE? Is It BROKEN? Did it ever work? This is the results of Google search for "Technorati is Broken." This is the result of a Google search for "Technorati is not accurate." Most importantly, what do we experience on our own magic middle blogs? How can something so apparently inaccurate measure authority? And what is Technorati anyway?

Tag, you're it....
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