Sponsored Session: Food Styling and Photography Workshop by Hillshire Farm

While at BlogHer, I attended a Food Styling and Photography workshop offered by Hillshire Farms. This post is not sponsored by them nor am I being compensated for this post by anyone else. I am writing this post simply because hands down, this was one of my absolute favorite sessions this year at BlogHer. It was interesting, engaging and believe it or not, involved a lot of laughing. Who knew that food photography could be so entertaining and fascinating?? ...more

Sponsored Session: The Power of Cause Marketing by Jimmy Dean

At BlogHer ’11, I had the great opportunity to attend the Jimmy Dean Cause Marketing session. To be honest, when I was invited to attend, I really didn’t have any idea what it was about but I figured with such successful companies and marketers speaking during the session it had to be good. I was not prepared for how much this session would inspire me and give me a stronger motivation for why I blog. ...more

SPECIAL PANEL: Coming Out as Undocumented

Conference Event:  "Coming Out" as Undocumented: The Children of Immigration; The Definition of American (Room 11B) BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Coming Out As Undocumented -- the Children of Immigration; the Definition of America. Conference Track: Special Panel. Speakers: Lisa Stone, Jose Antonio Vargas, Pat Hyland, Jehmu Greene, Erica Holloway, Adriana Maestas. ...more

CHANGE THE WORLD: Cyberbullying Isn't Just for Teens

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Cyberbulling Isn't Just for Teens -- What to Do if You're the Victim of Trolls, Haters ... and Worse, August 5, 2011. Conference Track: Change the World. Speakers: Erin Kotecki Vest, Andrea Weckerle. ...more

CHANGE THE WORLD: Media Literacy: Today's Most Necessary Skill

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Media Literacy -- Today's Most Necessary Skill, August 5, 2011. Conference Track: Change the World. Speakers: Sofia Quintero, Jenn Pozner. ...more

CHANGE THE WORLD: Our Food Future: Kids, Cooking, and Health

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Our Food Future -- Kids, Cooking and Health, August 5, 2011. Conference Track: Change the World. Speakers: Elaine Wu, Diana Johnson, Laura Sampson, Mrs. Q. ...more

CHANGE THE WORLD: International Activist Scholarship Winners

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: International Activist Scholarship Winners, August 6, 2011. Conference Track: Change the World. Speakers: Cheryl Contee, Reem Abbas, Simone Leid, Elianne Ramos representing Yoani Sanchez Codero. ...more

CHANGE THE WORLD: Revolutions are Happening Online

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Malcom Gladwell Is Missing the Point -- Revolutions Are Happening Online, August 6, 2011. Conference Track: Change the World. Speakers: Cheryl Contee, Gina McCauley, Katherine Stone, Kimberly C. Ellis. ...more

CHANGE THE WORLD: Owning Your Beauty

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Owning Your Beauty -- If We Change the Conversation, Can We Change the Culture? August 6, 2011. Conference Track: Change the World. Speakers: Rita Arens, Stephanie Nielson, Karen Walrond, Jess Weiner, Kate Harding. ...more

CHANGE YOURSELF: Your Perfect Imperfections: Blogging Your Way to Self-Acceptance

BlogHer '11 Panel Transcript: Your Perfect Imperfections, Blogging Your Way to Self-Acceptance, August 5, 2011. Conference Track: Change Yourself. Speakers: Brene Brown, Shauna James Ahern, Mr. Lady, Gretchen Rubin. ...more

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